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ICE Must Release all Non-violent Immigrants


Immigrants who are in detention suffer the most during coronavirus lock-down. Unfortunately, with the number of cases will continue to climb in the detention centers as people cannot practice social distancing while in ICE custody.

Immigration attorneys do not see any legitimate reason as to why non-violent immigrants should not be released before they are infected. That is why we call on ICE to exercise their discretion in this hard times and to immediately release all those who can be taken to their relatives or sponsors.

There are numerous ways to release non-violent immigrants using some well-known alternatives to detention which has been proven to be an effective way to save our taxpayers money.

If ICE reduces immigration detention during coronavirus, it will help to protect ICE officers, health workers and the American public in general.

We need to show up for each other and support all those who were hit harder. There should be no tolerance and no respect for any unjust law.