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How to Make Your Communication with the USCIS Contact Center Pleasant and Effective

They eat with a phone, sleep with a phone, go to the toilet also with a phone. And as soon as you call, they do not pick up the phone, they do not hear.

The USCIS Contact Center has made changes to the organization of its work to reduce its reliance on real-time telephone assistance. Recently, the US Immigration Service has switched to the active use of online self-help tools and digital request channels. This is the result of financial constraints and lack of resources that prevent USCIS from offering live assistance to every client in the face of increasing enquiries. It can also be assumed that the immigration service does not have enough money, as billions of dollars go abroad to help other countries.

Based on the current situation, it makes sense to contact the USCIS contact center only when all other means have already been exhausted or are not working.

In what case should I try to call the contact center in USCIS?

• When you need to reschedule a meeting or interview for biometrics until the date of the meeting or interview;

• In emergency cases, such as obtaining password status (parole) for travel or confirming the status of a lawful permanent resident (for example, a stamp in the passport of foreigners, identity and telecommunications (ADIT));

• Request an expedited review of your case if any of the USCIS expedited review criteria apply; and/or

• For any other queries that cannot be solved with online tools and really require real-time assistance.

What should I do before I call U.S. Immigration?

• Check the status of your case frequently and wait until your case exceeds the standard processing time on the USCIS Processing Time page by selecting the form type and office location before contacting the USCIS Contact Center.

• If the processing time of your case exceeds the normal time, you can submit a request for a case using an electronic request.

• Processing time varies from office to office.

• USCIS considers applications and petitions on a case-by-case basis. Each case is unique, and some cases may take longer. That doesn’t mean there’s a problem in your case.

• U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services limits real-time assistance through the USCIS Contact Center to better assist those who need real-time assistance. In cases where self-service is available, the IVR will not offer the caller the ability to access the service in real time.

What should I know about calling the USCIS Contact Center?

• Waiting times at the USCIS Contact Center have increased for a number of reasons, including a reduction in the number of personnel that USCIS is actively working on.

• When calling a USCIS contact center, follow a strategic approach. Call volume is highest on Mondays and tends to decline during the week.

• Before calling immigration, you can use Emma. Emma, a virtual online assistant on the USCIS website, has a “live chat” feature that allows you to ask for help in real time Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

• You can also send a request about the status of your case using e-Request.

• If you have submitted a form online through myUSCIS.gov, you have access to all account features (such as a secure mailbox and the ability to view notifications, respond to RFE, check case status, etc.) and can send secure messages from within your USCIS online account. If you have not filed your business online, but the receipt number begins with “IOE”, you will have access to all account features AFTER you (1) create your online account AND (2) link your documentation to your myUSCIS account using a unique online access code (OAC) that USCIS provides by mail. You can then send protected messages to USCIS.

What else can I do in my online account to take advantage of self-service and not call the USCIS contact center?

• If you have filed Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization) or Form I-90 (Application for Replacement of Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) online or have linked a paper file to your account, you have access to all the account features outlined above (e.g., a secure inbox and the ability to view notifications, respond to RFE, check case status, etc.). In addition, you have access to personalized processing times that provide a more customized forecast of when you will receive a decision on your case.

How can I be sure I get a call back?

• USCIS makes two attempts to contact customers. If there is no response to the first attempt, USCIS leaves a message that they will make a second attempt within 60-90 minutes.

• If USCIS is unable to contact the person after the second attempt, the USCIS contact center will send an email indicating that the agency tried to contact him and instruct him to call back or use other tools.

Well, and final advice: “If you want to destroy the case, call the US immigration service for help”…